Schedule of Classes

2021-22 In-Studio Schedule

Registration Opens Thursday, July 15th

classes begin Monday, August 16th

*Age Classes for Students 3 years – 7 years old are in Light Pink

*Level Classes for Students 8 Years and Older are in Light Blue

*Team and Crew (Audition Required) are in Dark Pink and Purple

Summer 2021 Indoor Classes

June 29th – August 7th

$112.50 for the Session

Beginning Tap and Level 1 Classes are Age 8+

Beginning Tap and Level 1 Classes are Age 8+

Dress Code

We understand it may be colder at times under the tent than in the studio and have adjusted the dress code for classes accordingly.


  • Base Attire: Leotard, tights, hair in a bun, ballet shoes.
  • Additional Attire: Sweatpants/legwarmers and long sleeves shirts over the appropriate attire. (No Baggy Sweatshirts)[Level 2+: Please bring Socks to wear over your ballet shoes].


  • Base Attire: Leggings, Jazz Tops. Jazz/Tap Shoes. Socks for Contemporary. Hair Tied Back.
  • Additional Attire: Layers (Short sleeve Ts with Long Sleeves over, form fitting sweatshirts).
  • Hip-HopSweatpants. Short or Long Sleeve Ts.Sweatshirts are OK. Clean Indoor Sneakers.(No Outdoor/dirty footwear will be allowed on the Dance floor)

Zoom Classes

  • Please wear the correct Attire for each Discipline and your hair properly tied up. We’re still in class together and it’s important that we sign in to each class ready.

Tuition & Fees

1.0 Hr/Wk$ 75.00
1.5 Hrs/Wk$ 112.50
2.0 Hrs/Wk$ 150.00
2.5 Hrs/Wk$ 180.00
3.0 Hrs/Wk$ 216.00
3.5 Hrs/Wk$ 241.50
4.0 Hrs/Wk$ 276.00
4.5 Hrs/Wk$ 297.00
5.0 Hrs/Wk$ 330.00
6.0 Hrs/Wk$ 378.00
9.0+ Hrs/Wk$ 525.00
2 Sibling (14+ Hours)$ 625.00
3 Sibling (18+ Hours)$ 725.00